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These items are not intended as OKI, Junker or Badland structures, but rather as generic models as used by any settler or colonist.

They vary from scenery to farmsteads, liquid containers, roads, trains and more…

Drill Worm Nests - Pack of Five


Oldson Seed Farm (Factory)


Storage Tower


Power Generator


Deema Seed Crop Field


Improvised Concrete Wall (approx 41mm wide)


Hexway - Crossroads

Hexway - Corner

Hexway - T Junction

Hexway - Straight

The Hexway sections are approx 33mm wide.

The straight section is approx 150mm in length.

The crossroads and T Junction are about 69mm in length.

Sections are £1.00 each

Hexway - Built Up Area

This measures 95mm x 142mm.

(when placed in the OKI compound there is a gap between the BUA and the walls, it is not flush)


Minefield (approx 55m x 85mm)

Has exposed mines and craters


Pack of 9 outcrops


Industrial Unit


Supply Dump


Supply Crates (6 per pack, made of metal)


Nielson Force Fence

(10 fences and 11 posts)


Razor Wire Section

(50mm x 15mm comes as a kit)


Marco Polo Hull Plates

(Pack of six)


Secure Outpost

(Merc base, RDF FOB, CA HQ, something else?)

Resin building with metal missile pod


Deema Seed Pods

20 random seed pods, be like the Oldsons.


Hexway Checkpoint


Repulsorlift train - cab (1 cab per pack)


Repulsorlift train -  passenger car


Repulsorlift train - freight car


Repulsorlift train - flatbed car


Repulsorlift track section

(Just under 20cm)


Structures Of Unknown Origin


Defensive Firing Position

(Approx 40mm x 40mm)


Hex2Go Cargo Container


(Please note that this model comes as 2 halves and a join will be visible unless you do some remedial work)