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What is Blast-Tastic! ?

The sci-fi themed wargames show.        

Sci-fi traders, demo and participation games for you to enjoy.

Blast-Tastic! is a show where those that really enjoy sci-fi gaming can come and play and buy all the shiny things without the distractions of other genres.


The show operates a zero tolerance policy toward any sort of anti-social behaviour, this includes sexism, racism, any form of action  that causes people to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, this includes offensive motifs on clothing.

Don’t be that person people talk about for the wrong reasons…

Blast-Tastic! 2016


Saturday the 1st of October 2016

10:00 TO 16:00


Fairfield High School
Allfoxton Road

click HERE for a map

(Car park entrance on Stottbury Rd)


£2.00 for over 18’s

Free to everyone else


Angel Barracks

Grekwood Miniatures

Space Vixens From Mars

Icarus Miniatures

Brigade Models

The Scene

Oakbound Studio

Kirton Games

Precinct Omega

Little Ninja Painting


The Wargaming Trader

EZ Painter

The Pit Gaming Shop

Incom Gaming

White Dragon Miniatures


KR 16 - 6mm sci-fi skirmish by Steve Johnson

In Her Majesty's Name - Victorian Science Fiction skirmish game by Craig Cartmell (co-author)

Gruntz - 15mm sci-fi by Lincombe Barn Wargames Society

Beyond the Gates of Antares - 28mm sci-fi by Lincombe Barn Wargames Society

XCOM - 28mm sci-fi by Steve Jones

Martian Empires - 18mm Victorian Science Fiction by Mike of Black Hat Miniatures

My Little Pony - The Time Wars (mad plans and vague ideas here)

All That Remains - 28mm Post Apocalypse by Sebastian Reid

Halo Ground Command - 15mm ground warfare set in the legendary Halo universe by Spartan Games

Horizon Wars - 6mm Combined-Arms Wargaming by Robey Jenkins (author)

Infinity - 28mm sci-fi skirmish by The Wargaming Trader

Aren’t You A Little Short For A Space Vixen? - Space Vixens From Mars

Dropzone Commander - 10mm sci-fi by Jez Fairclough of the GCN

Shattered Void - 3mm Space Ship Dog Fighting by White Dragon Miniatures

X-Wing BT16.pdf

X-Wing Dogfight Tournament!

Click the image to download the rulespack

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If you want to help promote the show the old fashioned way, you can click HERE to download a PDF of some flyers you can print off and hand out to your club/friends/customers.

The more people that know the more people will come.


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