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The OKI Corporation specialise in pre-fabricated off world structures.

Their main seller is the Modular Habitation Unit (MHU)

OKI offer a wide range of solutions for colonisation, from the MHU, to walled compounds, landing pads, armoured facility structures to wind generators and more.

With OKI, you are more than just OK.

OKI MHU - Small


OKI MHU - Medium


OKI MHU - Large


OKI MHU - Large with Solar Panel


OKI MHU - Storage


OKI Walls - Pair


This set comprises 2 gate sections, 4 corner sections and 8 wall sections.

Each wall section is 50mm wide, 22mm tall and 10mm thick.

Laid end to end the set covers just over 50cm

OKI Wall Set


This set comprises 1 gate section, 4 corner sections, 5 wall sections, 1 front roof section and 1 rear roof section.

Assembly required, pallets and men not supplied

OKI Secure Structure

Barracks, Warehouse, Bunker, Garage, you decide…


OKI PentHabs


The OKI PentHabs come as a 7 part kit.

5 metal habitation capsules

1 resin column

1 resin support arm structure

It is big and heavy and will almost certainly incur extra postage if going overseas, so please look out for the shipping invoice which will follow your order placement.

Big OKI Super Structure (BOSS)


OKI Wind Turbine


OKI Corner Tower


OKI Damaged Wall Section


OKI Internal Corner (pair)


OKI Utility Structure


OKI PentHab Defence Grid


OKI Pad - Curved


OKI Pad - Straight


OKI Pad - Ramps


OKI MHU - L Shaped