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These documents are the rules and background for my own 6mm sci-fi skirmish games.

My games are set on the colony world of Kometenmelodie and use for the most part my own range of models.

Feel free to download them and use them as they are or change them, maybe just nick a few ideas for your own rules or even just delete them if you don't like them!
Feel free to print out a copy for your own use!

KR 16 2nd.pdf QRS.pdf KR 16 Background.pdf Scenarios for KR 16.pdf KR CARD STATS.pdf

KR 16 Rules




Scenario Ideas

KR 16 Starter Pack


2 Bullfrog Pick Up Trucks

2 Bullfrog Pick Up Trucks - Rocket Pods

20 Junker Insurgents

2 Pathfinder Rangers

1 MS1 Pathmaster

26 RDF Infantry

50 circular plastic bases for the infantry

The photo shows my own collection which has additional stowage added which you wont get.
As it happens it also shows slightly less RDF than the 26, you will get the missing ones.

The Crimson Alliance

(Junker Insurgents)


(The Regional Defence Force)