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Welcome to the 6mm scenery page!.

These models come unpainted and some may require assembly.

They are made from resin.

Please also note that whilst I will try my best not to cast models with tiny holes from trapped air in them, some bubbling may occur.

However if the bubbling is significant I will send the model once I have repaired it, so you may get the odd piece with green stuff or miliput in it from where I have filled the hole in!

Please navigate to the various scenery pages.

OKI  This page contains all the various scenery for the OKI Corporation

Junkers  This page contains all the various scenery for the Junkers

Generic This page contains all the scenery that is generic in nature

Badlands  This page contains scenery that is found on the edge of the Liao River Valley, in the badlands

Off World This page will contain scenery that is found on planets other than Kometenmelodie

(Please see the background to my Game World of Kometenmelodie for more details)