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Almost There                                                                                                                                                                                                                  12-12-2020

So exactly one month to the day from starting this site I am almost done with my Empire Army.

Before I forget, I have added some House Rules to the second post which can be found HERE.

So, anyway, yes.
My Empire Army is almost done (for now), I have a unit cavalry to finish and just 2 Hero Models.

I have of course gotten all excited and printed off my Unit Cards onto shiny paper and will be cutting those out later, here they are for now.

As you can see I wanted to make cards as they are easy to use when in play and for choosing the actual army.

It was important to me that the whole uniform theme of the models be carried over into the game props/accessories.
So as noted before I am using coloured dice that match the uniforms and of course then the unit cards must match the figures.
Also important is that the unit cards show the actual models in question, it adds more to the feels and makes it easier to see which unit is which, simply by looking.

I have also updated the main Empire Page with the images from these cards. See that HERE

Oh and before I go, I just won an eBay auction for Warhammer Siege!