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Why Warhammer?                                                                                                                                                                                                          15-11-2020

As I mentioned briefly before I wanted to be able to play more games with my wife and Burning Sands was not the right sort of game for that.

I have been running some WFRP which takes time to write/read and you need to invest quite a bit to make it happen.
Same with selling 15mm as a business, then trying to make that into a fun activity can be a struggle.

I wanted something that I could essentially pick up and play.
No plots, no characters, no maps or handouts, no accents and scores of backstories to remember..
A simple ‘hey let’s play’ and then 10 minutes later you are.

Essentially an old school wargame.

I played WFB 3
rd edition when it came out and it was my gateway into wargames and the hobby as a whole.
It seemed a good thing to return to.
I remember we used some house rules, the main one being limiting magic to level 1.
I recall heroes with crazy swords of death swooping down on units that had not been swallowed up by ravine spells and was more about power gaming and superheroes than rank and file wargames with battlefield tactics.

So house rules:

Limit magic to level 5 wizards.
Ignore the rule for casting spells and having to roll under your MP.
Not rolling for MP, but giving each wizard 10MP.

No magic armour or items.

Not having gunpowder weapons blow up on a roll of a 1, as they are not that great to begin with, using this rule they are pretty poor so why would you bother.

Not worrying too much about army lists, if it is cool and there are stats for it somewhere and you can justify it, then use it.

Cannons will need to roll to hit, otherwise they are too powerful. But Bombardiers will use their BS if attached to a cannon battery and if the target does not move then the Bombardier grants the firing cannons +1 to hit.

Units on roads will be able to follow them without the need for manoeuvres etc.

Why Humans?

Well I have always found them easier to play in RPGs and my main WFB army in the day was Empire, and my old Epic army was Imperial Guard.
I seem to just gravitate toward humans.
Empire have gunpowder so that is why them and not any other faction, though a load of Norse barbarian types would also have been cool.
But yeah, halberds and cannons FTW!

Samantha chose dark Elves, I suspect as they too have milky white pale skin and are a bit goth.
Though it is left to me to paint them, as such they are being painted after my own models.

I have bought pretty much everything I need for now.
Each army has some cavalry, artillery, hero models and about 6 units of infantry based and in the process of being painted.
(I have more in reserve)

I have made hedges and am making woods, I have bought buildings and stone walls.
I have made some hills.
Dice, Rules and the Playing mat.
I am making little unit cards that will have photos of the painted units on them.
It is all in a bit of a mess, with things half started/finished but hopefully by Christmas it will all be done!!

Anyway, in terms of finished figures, this is where I currently am.
Three units which is just over a third of my Empire army and some rough draft unit sheets printed off.

Stay tuned for more updates!