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So after 12 years of selling 6mm models, the last 6 of which have been my own sci-fi range I am no longer the 6mm guy.

I still own and run The Wargames Website, an online community for gamers, it has news from companies, a forum, club listings, a show calendar and many other features.

I also own and run Crom’s Anvil, a 15mm fantasy website that is very much desert flavoured.

That is not all I do though, if time allows I am happy to undertake small painting commissions, for anything up to 15mm.
This can be figures and or terrain.

I am also happy to make bespoke models for people, maybe you need a crashed ship, a mine entrance or a wizards hut?
I can also make moulds of these models so you can have multiple copies of it should you desire.

If you have anything that needs doing, drop me an e-mail

In the mean time, why not check out one of my other sites