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The Stuck Pig

This tavern sits on the main road that leads South from Maylhof toward Giehselhoff.

More to come.

The Old Watchtower

Built where the woods border the Fae Marshes and not far from the banks of the Altaver this once abandoned tower has been recently occupied by the forces of Count Albrecht Von Halven.

A small garrison of Hakbutschutzen are stationed there.

More to come.

My games are set in The Auld Ryding, which is the re-imagined version of The Riding.
Originally The Riding was a WFB supplement with a very Olde English vibe to it, but GW later changed its location and a few names to help it fit more seamlessly into the growing Old World Empire lore.

So this means I am able to use my copy of The Riding, but will be changing some details.