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The Stuck Pig

This tavern sits on the main road that leads South from Maylhof toward Giehselhoff.

More to come.

The Old Watchtower

Built where the woods border the Fae Marshes.

More to come.

The Auld Ryding is a small shire comprised of three villages, Stoodhof being  the largest of the three.

Stoodhof is typical of many small settlements in the Empire, it is self-sufficient in terms of food, turnips and fish from the nearby river Aver are the main source of sustenance.
It is home to the local watch and as such is the administrative centre for the shire.

In the town square there is a statue of Jeziah Fuchs, a wealthy merchant whose commercial endeavours helped raise the town out of the mire.
He passed away defending his town from a chaos warband and the townsfolk made this statue to honour him.

Maylhof, which sits on the banks of the Aver Reach, here the order of the day is fishing.
It also engages in some logging and floats the timber down the river where it is later collected, and the monies sent by coach each month to Stoodhof.

Averridge is the last of the three and is where the Lord of the Manor and current Marshall of the Ryding resides.
He has a small garrison of militia and they are responsible for the safety of The Auld Ryding in times of conflict.

Not far from Averridge is a shrine to Morr which sits on a small island on Virginia Lake.
Mist seems to perpetually hang over the lake.  

The interior of the Auld Ryding has been cleared of trees and is mostly hilly.

On the edges of the shire the dense thick dark black trees common in the Empire form a brooding border.
The barrow hills are shunned by the locals who believe them haunted, or worse, the resting place of the undying.

There is an old watchtower that has fallen into disrepair over the years.

The Fae Marshes are a wild and desolate expanse of swamps and marshland, again the locals refuse to go anywhere near them.

The Thule Farm

On the edges of the Auld Ryding past Stoodhof is the farm belonging to Alfred and Eva Thule.

Simple folk who keep mostly to themselves, they are the first true citizens of the Auld Ryding you encounter when coming from the north.

The Auld Ryding