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The backbone of any Empire army, this unit of Halberdiers is the most distinguished of Stirland and has the honour of carrying the Elector Counts Battle Banner.

Lead by
Heinz Krause who carries a shield blessed by a Sigmarite Battle Priest and wielding the mighty warmace ‘Zerschmettern’ they march into battle proud and unshakable.
Zerschmettern is imbued with a mighty power, such that when the need is most desperate, Heinz can call upon its ancient strength and deliver a blow of such immense force that nothing can withstand it.
Only on three occasions has the need been so great to call upon its might, but each time it has not failed to crush its target, so is Heinz known by his lads as ‘The Blacksmith’.

Otto Venkel, like Heinz is a veteran of many battles and it is his sworn and most sacred duty to carry the Elector Counts Battle Banner.
The banner carries the Royal Crest of Haupt-Anderssen and since it has been in the charge of Otto, the unit has never been been defeated in combat, even when outnumbered and indeed outmatched, the flag and all it signifies drives the unit onward with such force that the enemy are always pushed back.

Karl Der Schwoff is the units drummer and such is his exemplary skill with the drum, which is said to be covered in the skin of slain Undead Troll, that they are ever marching true and bravely, and as long as the drum drum drum is heard, the unit will never falter or back down.

Now having said all that, and despite what an elite unit they are, they are after all still Stirlanders.
Many of the lads just signed up for the promise of a warm meal each day, more than many got when working the vineyards or logging in The Great Forest.
As such, they guard their stores very closely, so much so that they will often bring it into battle with them, rather than risk it left with the baggage train.
Of course being prudent lads, they have a small banner that stays with the food which should the unit ever need to retreat or fall back, they can rally around the supplies as easily found by locating the banner.