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(Martyn’s Marauders or Morrsliebs Marauders)

This band of Ogre mercenaries are led by Martyn the Magnificent.
He strides into battle, at the centre of Morrsliebs Marauders, his brightly polished armour gleaming, his huge two handed war cleaver swinging and his personal back banner of gold and the blackest ash.

Morrsliebs Marauders are the most magnificent of all the ogre mercenary c
ompanies as they are well trained and disciplined.

Their bright (garish?) scarlet uniforms bind them together as a true unit of soldiers and Garak the Blind carries the company banner which features a stylised motif of Morrslieb and is adorned with a silver and gold relief of the dread moon itself. (Oh and some enemy heads hang off it too).