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The backbone of any Empire army, this special unit of Halberdiers has been raised from the The Auld Ryding itself.

Lead by
Heff Der Mull a poacher turned watchman turned Sergeant.
Heff never really intended to join the local garrison of halberdiers, but then not much of his life turned out as he planned.
Still at least he gets regular wage and a clean (ish) bed each night to sleep in.

The units banner, the banner of
Stoodhof no less, is proudly carried by Heff’s twin brother, Spider.
Much like his brother, this is not where he planned on being, but it is better than before when he seemed to spend a lot of time in the pillory.

Having faced nothing more than the odd bandits or small rather weak raiding party of goblins, they are yet to properly prove themselves in battle,
But they do have a special banner don’t they.