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“Although gradually becoming obsolete due to considerable advances in technology, there’s still something inherently reliable about a horse-drawn chariot literally brimming with death.”

Stirland being the sort of place it is often puts more faith in the less esoteric war machines than some of its neighbours.
Having said that, it is still a bit more modern than a halberd or even a pig on fire.
So whilst not a Steam Tank, it is still quite fancy pants/dangerous.

As such you have to be a certain type of person to be in charge an Imperial War Wagon, Deitrich Seltsam is such a person.
He is forever being optimistic to the point of annoying his crew.

Still, his cheery disposition and refusal to let any negativity does often mean that the war wagon “Brunilda” or “Hildy” for short is never far from the fight!!

Other notable crew are Matthäus Hetzen with his Hochland Long Rifle and Christof Waltzener with his man catcher!