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Below is a list of the various places I have bought stuff from for my 10/12mm WFB games.

Pendraken Miniatures  -   Empire troops and most of the Dark Elves

Kallistra  -  Dark Elves and some 12mm historical as Empire

Battlescale  -  Walls and Buildings

Model Scenery Supplies  -   Flock and scatter

The Dice Shop Online  -  Dice

Fluid 3D Workshop  -  Acrylic bases

Warbases  -  MDF Terrain bases

Lancer Miniatures - Beastmen

Black Gate Miniatures - Ogres

I run The Wargames Website and I have a big old topic on there that I keep updated and it has a lot of 10mm warhammer content.

Here is a list of some 10mm (rather than 10/12mm) fantasy suppliers:


Irregular Miniatures

Copplestone Castings

Pendraken (Empire)

Trolls under the Bridge

Lancer Miniatures

Black Gate

Cibos Little Dudes

Centimetre Warriors

Warmonger Miniatures

Polar Fox Miniatures

Laran Miniatures

I run a 10mm fantasy FB group that is advert free, so if you want to see other peoples 10mm fantasy this may be worth a join.

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