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Humble Beginnings                                                                                                                                                                                                         12-11-2020

So after deciding to take the plunge and getting the rulebook from eBay there was the matter of the figures.
I decided to plump for Pendraken and their 10mm fantasy warband range.
I ordered myself some humans and Samantha some dark elves.

Looking around I saw a lot of people using movement trays for their 10mm which makes sense, but one of the things I liked about WFB was the feeling of having to move the models one at a time, it feels more old school somehow.
So once the figures arrived I quickly glued them to some 10mm x 10mm x 2mm acrylic bases and we tested the rules.

It pretty much was as I remembered and we had fun, during the first few turns Samantha made it clear that trays were needed.
To be honest I did not mind moving them one by one, but there were a bit wobbly and prone to falling over, so trays it was.

There are plenty of movement trays out there to buy, but they all seemed to be 2mm MDF which was too thick for my tastes, the models are already raised up by 2mm due to the individual bases and an extra 2mm would for my money make them too high, especially when placed next to 10mm scenery.
Also the commercial bases seemed to all have a thick lip/rim which I did not much like either.

Home made trays it is then.
Being impatient I went to a local hobby shop to get some thin plasticard.
Alas they wanted £16.00 for an A4 sheet!?!

Forget That!

However, the same hobby shop offers a loyalty programme which comes with a free credit card sized card.
They have hundreds of these cards in stock bins dotted around the store.
So hey presto, a few handfuls later and I had a supply of thin card.

Then I knocked up a rough tray with some plastic rod I had left over and ended up with this:

Happy with that I ordered plenty more of the rod in readiness for more trays.
So that was the basing sorted.

I decided I wanted new D6 so bought some metal ones, but also some dice that matched the colour of my uniforms.
Samantha also bought some metal ones.

Then there was buildings, terrain, new static grass, foliage, the gaming mat, army lists, etc etc..

I had forgotten how much effort went into starting a new thing entirely from scratch, but with everything that is going on in life at the moment, it is quite therapeutic

Here are some of the places I bought things from:

Pendraken Miniatures  -   Empire troops and most of the Dark Elves

Kallistra  -  Dark Elf bolt throwers

Battlescale  -  Walls and Buildings

Model Scenery Supplies  -   Flock and scatter

The Dice Shop Online  -  Dice

Fluid 3D Workshop  -  Acrylic bases

Warbases  -  MDF Terrain bases

Stay tuned for more updates!