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Something Smells In Stirland.

(More so than usual.)

Being located such as it is, with the Worlds Edge Mountains, The Black Mountains, Sylvania, the dread city of Mordheim and even The Border Princes all too close for comfort, Stirland is always undergoing some sort of crisis.

From the terrible attack on Flensburg by the forces of chaos only a few years ago, to the constant raids of the Greenskins, Beastmen and Mutants, Stirland is always under attack, not only very real physical attack, but from more subtle means.
Sylvania is after all home to Castle Drakenhof and the Von Carsteins.
The constant threat of another undead uprising is always at the front of any sensible Stirlanders thoughts.

Of late things have been busier than usual.
There have been an increase in the number of sightings of the foul Beastmen and their black armoured masters. It is rumoured that Dark Elves have been sighted in the deep reaches of Leichberg. Worse still, the ancient Shrine to Morr in The Auld Ryding is said to have been over run by foul undead and their necromancer overlord.

Having dispatched scouts to test the veracity of these rumours, Elector Count Alberich Haupt-Anderssen, Grand Count of Stirland, Prince of Wurtbad and Overlord of Sylvania has also hired aid from neighbouring Talabheim in the form of mercenaries.

Albrecht Von Halven has been sent with a small contingent of troops to help the Elector Count put and end to any of these rumours should they prove to be true, and of course make sure the monies owed to Talabheim are paid..

Only time will tell us if things are as bad as they smell…

Helblitzen War Wagon Rose


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